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September, 2016

A word from Jean-Paul Berthomé, Laboratoires Expanscience CEO

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“What a long way we have come since 1982, when the Fondation Mustela was established under the aegis of the Fondation de France! We were pioneers in our commitment to the community, and now, more than 30 years later, I’m pleased to say that we made the right decision.


Firm in the conviction that Expanscience should embark on creating a more virtuous manufacturing system that shows respect to people and the environment, in order to help future generations more effectively and provide care to others through its brands, I pledged our commitment to a Corporate Social Responsibility policy back in 2004.


We persevered, even in the days when Corporate Social Responsibility was still just a phrase; and as we have evolved, I hope we have contributed in some way to “better living together.” Naturally, we have mobilized our resources to comply more closely with this philosophy, which endures and continues to drive our actions.


CSR is deeply ingrained in Expanscience’s values and strategy, and over the past decade it has become a means of improving our performance and competitiveness and, at the same time, generating value for our ecosystem and our company, both in France and abroad. It is a wholly distinct aspect of our corporate governance, guiding all of our strategic decisions and helping us to advance alongside our communities so as to take better care of our customers and their environment.


In 2010 we announced our initial commitments for 2015. That ambitious challenge has been met, and has helped us to grow. We have proudly demonstrated our ability to make ourselves more vital to the community, reduce our environmental impact and improve the day-to-day lives of our patients and consumers, notably through our Piasclédine 300 and Mustela brands.


Now, as we launch the Better Living Program, our new CSR commitment program, we are defining new challenges and giving new impetus to our initiative. Our goal is to help our communities live better, by developing more virtuous products and by facilitating prevention in the areas of osteoarthritis and skin health. To do that, it is essential that we be open and that we share ideas. Therefore, we’ll be inviting our ecosystem to contribute even more actively to our reflections and our practices in pursuit of further progress.

I’m delighted to share with you our new commitments.”

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  string(442) "In 2015, Expanscience – a French independently-owned pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetics laboratory – generated turnover of €272.3 million, 51.3% of which was through exports. Its solid reputation as an innovator and as a specialist in skin and the treatment of arthritis has been built around its leading brands – Piasclédine 300 and Mustela in particular.nnLearn more about Laboratoires Expanscience :"
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