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September, 2016

The «Better Living Program» : the new CSR initiative from Expanscience to help make life better

>> A Philosophy of Action

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« For Expanscience, health is a concept that goes far beyond simply addressing life changes. It is an essential source of quality of life and balance for all of us. That is why, at Expanscience, we have adopted a long-term approach to health… as an asset we need to preserve. » Jean-Paul Berthomé, Laboratoires Expanscience CEO.

Laboratoires Expanscience designs their products for sensitive targets – infants, new and expectant mothers, osteoarthritis patients – and, with their Mustela and Piasclédine 300 brands, strives to create supportive products and services with and for those users, to help them live better and maintain their health while preserving the world they live in.

Convinced that a company’s responsibilities go beyond its industrial responsibilities and that its commitments are not limited to its brands, Laboratoires Expanscience are dedicated to continuous improvement in their control over the entire production process for the products they market, and to caring more effectively for the health of their patients and consumers. For Expanscience, “providing care” means much more than helping patients and consumers obtain an effective drug or product; it means enhancing every link in the production chain, and thereby helping to generate value for all of the company’s communities.

That’s the challenge behind the Better Living Program and Expanscience’s CSR commitments for 2020. As its name suggests, the program reflects the social benefit that the company hopes to provide to its communities (consumers, patients, employees, healthcare professionals, suppliers, NGOs): better living.

While it expands on the commitments for the period 2010-2015, this 2020 roadmap charts a new course for Expanscience’s CSR initiative, notably because it sets the company firmly on a path of collaboration with its ecosystem and openness to its stakeholders.

In that regard, the Open Innovation campaign that Expanscience launched in 2015 reflects Expanscience’s desire to progress alongside its partner communities. As Expanscience CEO Jean-Paul Berthomé has emphasized, “Open Innovation means agreeing to talk with outsiders about ‘what we don’t know,’ in order to gain new ideas, create partnerships and accelerate our development of products and services.”

It’s in that spirit of openness and collaboration that Expanscience intends to move forward, expanding its perspectives and building the future with its partners in order to meet the challenges of its Better Living Program.

>> The Better Living Program

“ We have called our new CSR initiative the Better Living Program so that all our communities (patients, consumers, employees, etc.) will know that helping them to live better is a strategic priority for Expanscience. ”  Karen Lemasson, Director of CSR and Open Innovation.

INNOVATE, PROGRESS and TAKE CARE the three pillars on which Laboratoires Expanscience Better Living Program is based.


INNOVATE in a responsible and collaborative way

PROGRESS with our communities

TAKE CARE of our customers and their environments