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September, 2016

Our commitments for 2015: positive results!

“ I’m proud of how far we have come. Thanks to the dynamic efforts of the entire workforce, we have fulfilled our commitments. Our CSR policy is an increasingly integral part of the company, and truly sets us apart in the eyes of our target markets. It has won external recognition in the form of 12 different awards the company has received over the past four years. ” Jean-Paul Berthomé, Laboratoires Expanscience CEO

Laboratoires Expanscience are tackling their new challenges for 2020 with confidence, buoyed by having fulfilled the objectives* defined in 2010 for anticipating the risks posed by our activities and reducing the overall impact of our operations.

In 2010, Expanscience identified four areas for action and commitment: reducing the social and environmental impact of its products based on an analysis of their lifecycle; implementing a responsible sourcing policy, specifically with regard to the entire plant supply chain; improving its environmental practices at its production site; establishing a social responsibility policy for its employees.

To meet those challenges, Expanscience drew on the efforts of an internal driving committee specifically assigned to CSR. Over the years, the company refined the more than 300 actions it had initially envisaged: they were defined in more detail, assigned a priority and used to start a continuous improvement process.

“ We would never have fulfilled our commitments for 2015 without the efforts of our employees, who strive every day to bring our policy to life. ” says Karen Lemasson, CSR and Open Innovation Director.

Expanscience’s efforts to integrate CSR into its governance and enlist the help of its employees in incorporating CSR into their daily work and product development have been hailed by the French standardization organization AFNOR, which awarded Expanscience an Exemplary rating on its AFAQ 26000 certification.

Expanscience plans to maintain its efforts in this regard, specifically to ensure that its CSR policy is being implemented uniformly at all of its subsidiaries worldwide. That is also one of the 2020 goals defined in the Better Living Program.

* Excluding the targets for lower energy consumption and waste production at the Epernon site in France.

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